Winter Skin Saver Secrets


As the temperature begins to dip and the winds begin to blow, usually it’s our poor skin that begins to suffer first. The cold winter weather can be a catalyst for some rather unpleasant skin complaints such as worsening rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and just generally dry, flaky skin and chapped lips.

Your skin works as a barrier against the elements, and not surprisingly it suffers most when exposed to the more extreme weather changes. But not to worry, here are some timely solutions on hand.

 1. Rough Skin

Skin produces less oil in winter, making it more prone to dryness which can eventually turn rough and flaky.  This is evident on exposed areas such as the face, hands and legs.


Firstly it’s important to exfoliate regularly, at least once a week. Make sure to treat both your face and your body to a richer moisturising cream, thicker than the one you use in summer.

2. Sensitive skin

It isn’t any fun having skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and acne during the best of times but during winter they have a tendency to be exacerbated.  Because these conditions tend to worsen in the cold you need to have a strategy in place to keep them at bay.


Firstly make sure you avoid things that will cause further irritation. This includes hot baths and showers (which we have a tendency to indulge in during winter!). As much as they sound appealing, they will unfortunately just further dry out and irritate your skin. Try also to avoid synthetic fabrics – your skin really needs to breathe well underneath all those all winter clothes.

3. Super dry hands and nails

Hands and nails are one of the first parts of your body to dry out when over-exposed to the elements. For this very reason you need to take extra care of them. So how do you this?


Time to pull out the gloves and make them a key fashion accessory during the winter season! Even better, apply a generous amount of hand cream before you put your gloves on as this will keep both your hands and nails super moisturised. I really feel like you cannot go overboard in this area – applying hand cream regularly during the course of the day and just before you go to bed at night will help keep your hands and nails moisturised and nourished. Consider your moisturiser in this respect as water for your thirsty, parched hands.

4. Dry lips, anyone?

Dry, chapped lips are usually the first sign that winter has arrived. The tell-tale flaking of the lips is not attractive at all to see so let’s see what we can do to fix this condition.


While we can’t avoid the winter chill which is notorious for causing dry, chapped lips you can invest in a good treatment lip cream which will help increase cell turnover and prevent the build-up of dry, dead skin.

Worst case scenario, pull out the dependable tub of Vaseline and exfoliate the dead skin with a toothbrush. Be conscious too of the impact of heating/reverse cycle air conditioning and make sure you keep both your skin and lips moisturised both indoors and out.

Other Simple Yet Effective Winter Tips:

  1. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated
  2. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen daily – the sun is still out there hiding behind those clouds!
  3. Gets lots of sleep – this may be the simplest advice in the world but it’s also the most effective at keeping your body healthy and functioning well and keeping illness at bay.
  4. Feed your body well. This is not a time to over-indulge in junk just because the evidence will be hidden under a layer of clothes. Your outer body reflects your inner workings and this means the more healthy stuff you consume (think nourishing vegetable winter soups and stewed fruit to keep you warm) the better you will look on the outside.
  5. Moisturise your hair too! Yes, your hair will definitely need some drink too (in the form of hair moisturisers or oils). You will need to work just as hard to keep it looking smooth and shiny as you will your hands and skin as we have a tendency to have hotter showers during winter and this can be disastrous for your hair.


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