Gorgeous Celebrity Hair – Naturally


Many of us are under the impression that gorgeous, celebrity-worthy hair requires a multitude of expensive products to help create and maintain this look.  Not so! The truth is you can have shiny and healthy locks right now with some of the simplest ingredients, found right in your very own kitchen. Also included here are some more special money-saving hair tips.


Cheap Chemical-Free Shampoo and Conditioners

Bi-carbonate soda is a cheap and fantastic replacement for shampoo and vinegar is the perfect chemical free conditioner. Just keep bi-carb soda in an old spice shake and sprinkle some onto your hand. Massage well into wet hair and use more if required until hair feels clean. Alternatively you can use one tablespoon bi-carb to one cup of water. For a conditioner use vinegar which can be stored in an old dishwashing liquid bottle. Simply keep the ratio ¼ vinegar to ¾ water and rinse until your hair feels silky smooth. For best results blast well with cold water. You may find that to begin with you may need to wash your hair as frequently as normal until your hair gets used to the change but over time you will find you can wash it less often. Regular shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, but using bi-carb and vinegar will restore it to its natural state and keep it clean with plenty of body.

Detangle hair with a homemade remedy

Little girls hate having their hair brushed and detanglers are so expensive so consider trying this home-made variety. Just add a small amount of conditioner (about the size of a 50 cent piece) to a spray bottle, fill with water and shake.  You will find this mix has the same effect as the more expensive commercial products on the market.

Home scented shampoo

Instead of purchasing those expensive, exquisite scented shampoos and conditioners from your supermarket, make your own. Plain shampoo in litre form is cheap to buy. Simply add some drops of essential oils such as lavender oil or lemon and orange oil to make up your own signature scent.


Cheap and natural hair mask

For a cheap hair treatment that doesn’t cost a fortune: mix one cup of cheap supermarket conditioner together with two whisked eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil to form a paste. Apply to wet hair and cover with a shower cap, leaving it for 15-30 minutes. Once the time is up, rinse and wash your hair as per normal and enjoy silky, shiny locks for weeks!

Anti-frizz your hair without the expense

Instead of buying expensive anti-frizz serums, all you need is to spray a little cheap hairspray on a tissue and wipe down the parts of your hair that need ‘de-frizzing’. This saves heaps on costly products and prevents your hair from becoming greasy too.

 Olive oil hair treatment

To make an inexpensive treatment for dry hair consider using olive oil. Simply wash your hair then apply the olive oil. Following that, wrap your hair in glad wrap and apply a hot towel for 20 minutes. Rinse off and the result: beautiful, glossy hair.


Lemon juice is the best natural highlighter

No it’s not an old wives tale. On a sunny day simply squeeze the juice of a lemon or lemon juice from our tree or lemon juice concentrate, directly onto dry clean hair, right down to the roots. Clip up your hair to allow the sun to reach all of your hair. With time you should start to see the subtle results.

Quick disguise for grey hairs

Don’t you hate the annoying regrowth that happens five to six weeks after a hair colour? Grey hair often becomes quickly very apparent around the face and hairline. For a cheap fix, use an old mascara brush and brush it around the very obvious grey areas. This temporarily disguises the grey for a night out and is very handy when you are unable to get to the hairdressers.


Remove buildup with baking soda

To remove product build up mix a small amount of shampoo with baking soda. The shampoo and soda lathers up great and is easy to apply. You hair will also feel squeaky clean afterwards because it strips away the unwanted residual products.
Save a fortune on anti-dandruff shampoo

If annoying, itchy dandruff is driving you nuts, here’s the solution. Simply dampen your scalp with vinegar and let sit for 10 minutes then wash as normal. Voila – this should help eradicate the problem and will help save you a fortune on dandruff shampoo.


Dreaming of long hair? Stop cutting it!

It amazes me how many women pine for long hair and say their own locks never grow – but they get it cut every six weeks! When I ask them ‘why are you getting it cut if you are trying to grow it?’ I get the same answer every time. ‘You have to cut it to get it to grow!’ Not so! A tiny trim every six weeks will take off most of the growth! As long as you condition and treat the ends of your hair you will find that increasing the length of time between haircuts will get the long hair you were dreaming of sooner rather than later.

Free hair ribbons

Miss the old fashioned look of ribbon’s in a girl’s hair? Well ribbons no longer have to be an expensive accessory. Every time you buy a new top or jumper simply cut off the ribbons that hold the top onto the hanger. Voila two new ribbons at just the right length.

Save on expensive razor blades

To prevent razor blades from developing tiny deposits of rust on them (these will be invisible to the naked eye but will make blades blunt) place a dish of olive oil in your bathroom. After shaving return the blade to the olive oil where it should sit completely covered until the next time you shave. The oil covers the blade so that the rust cannot form and it should increase the life of each blade to around three months.