More Unusual Ways to Reuse Your Beauty Products


Just like makeup products can be brought back to life and recycled to save the environment so too can numerous other beauty products.

Next time you think that beauty products do not offer anything beyond their one purported use peruse this list and think again!

Hair Stuff

  1. If you are looking for a heavy duty hand wash for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty look no further than inside your shower. Hair conditioner is actually great at stripping the grease and removing dirt and oil.
  2. Back in the bathroom you will find sorbolene cream which is great for putting on dry hair ends.  So if you ever run out of your fancy smoothing serum please feel free to try a dash of sorbolene cream instead. This secret trick of the trade serves as a great overnight treatment to smooth out dry, frizzy ends.
  3. Artists too have an unusual trick of the trade. They use hairspray to spray on their masterpieces. Hairspray will prevent chalk and oil pastels from smudging. Feel free to spray away on your children’s work to preserve it before you store it away for safe-keeping.

Baby Wipes

It’s not just yummy mummies that should be carrying around baby wipes. Baby wipes are cheap all-purpose cleaners. Keep them nearby to wipe down dirty surfaces and dusty spots. They even serve as great emergency stain removers or makeup removal wipes if you are simply too exhausted to get to the bathroom sink.

Nail Polish

  1. If your favourite nail polish hardens revive it by mixing a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle. The touch of acetone will make it liquid again.
  2. Nail polish is also a great way of personally marking bottles or items when you don’t have a sticky label on hand.

Roll-On Deodorants

  1. Before you throw away your old roll-on deodorant container think about how it can be reused. The ball can actually be popped out safely and the empty case can be filled with massage or olive oil for a quick at hand muscle massager.
  2. Or fill it up with paint for an exciting craft product for the children to use.

Old Makeup Brushes

  1. Your first inclination upon seeing a dying makeup brush is probably to throw it away. But brushes are actually great for children’s craft projects. Save all the tiny applicators that come with eye palettes for the art box. They can be used to apply glue, glitter and sequins to small spots.
  2. Also if you are faced with a makeup brush with loose bristles before giving up on it consider grabbing a pair of pliers. Pliers can be used to squeeze the metal base tight hence making the brush usable again.