It’s doing WHAT to my skin??? Top Five Foods To Steer Clear Of


Now I’m the first to admit I enjoy indulging in things like freshly brewed coffee (every morning), a glass of wine (with dinner at night) and yummy chocolate (whenever the urge hits me). But then who doesn’t? All these things are classed as the simple pleasures in life. However that doesn’t mean to say they are necessarily good for you. Today we investigate the five biggest evils when it comes to foods and their negative effects. Needless to say, my official stance is: Enjoy Everything in MODERATION and please adapt your diet if you notice any negative effects beginning to impact your life.

1. COFFEE: Its’ negative effect on skin

• Caffeine is a diuretic so it dehydrates our skin.
• Triggers stress hormones and slows down collagen regeneration.
• Disrupts sleep pattern, causing aging and dark under eye circles.
• Causes broken capillaries and increases facial redness.

MY SUGGESTION? Limit your caffeine consumption to only one cup per day. Or drink green or herbal teas instead.

2. ALCOHOL: Its’ negative effect on skin

• Alcohol dehydrates our body, resulting in skin that loses its plumpness and firmness.
• Our face can appear puffier and the under eye region becomes darker because alcohol is a vasodilator which opens blood vessels.
• Too much alcohol causes our body to divert blood flow, oxygen and nutrients away from our skin to our other vital organs. This will result in collagen break down which speeds up the aging process.
• Alcohol is a toxin which causes serious damage on our skin and other vital organs. Too much alcohol can promote growth of bad collage in our body.

MY SUGGESTION? Limit yourself to one glass of RED WINE every second night, as it has antioxidants qualities and can even be good for you.

3. SUGAR: Its’ negative effect on skin

• Sugar causes loss of tissue elasticity and function,
• Sugar and decrease growth hormone and cause premature aging.
• Sugar can increase fluid retention in our bodies, make our faces look puffy.
• Sugar can cause our collagen to break down.
• Sugar also contributes to a lot of skin allergies and eczema.
• Sugar can cause obesity and weight gain which will cause stretch marks.

MY SUGGESTION? Limit your sugar intake – this includes soft drinks, cakes, and lollies.

4. DEEP FRIED FOOD: Its’ negative effect on skin

• Fatty acids come from the breakdown of fat that is either stored in our body or from food that we eat as part of our diet.
• Sebaceous glands secrete an oily substance (sebum) which gives the skin and hair an oily appearance. Eating deep fried food will increases the amount of free fatty acid circulating in the blood. High levels of fatty acids in our blood will cause health problem and also increases secretion of sebum, making the skin oily, increase the risk of acne and black heads.
• Deep frying also reduces the nutritional value of the food, can cause obesity and heart condition.

MY SUGGESTION? Do your best to limit or avoid eating deep fried foods as this is definitely not your best food option.

5. SPICY FOOD: Its’ negative effects on skin

• Cause skin sensitivity and rash, especially for people with very sensitive skin.
• Some spicy foods may have food colouring as an additive this can increase the risk of skin allergies.
• Increases facial redness. Make the skin look very flushed. Also increases broken Capillaries.
• Breaks down the collagen in the skin.

MY SUGGESTION? If you suffer from Rosacea or any skin allergies you must avoid spicy food.