Ten Surefire Ways To Look SUPER HOT on a night out


When a girl goes out in the evening it goes without saying that she not only wants to  look beautiful – she also wants to feel super confident on the inside. Especially when in the company of people she wishes to impress. Now that is weekend has arrived feel free to follow these simple steps because they are truly the secret recipe to super-hotness success.

1. Wear body shape-wear

If it’s good enough for the most famous celebrities then its good enough for you…Body wear (such as Nancy Ganz) is practically a necessity for pulling off a fabulous outfit both on the red carpet and off. The secret lies in it’s one and only goal – to pull in and hide any unflattering bulges. The result? A smooth and flattering line to your figure – one can hardly complain about that.

2. Wear a sexy bra

Yes a sexy bra is another must but make sure you have been measured properly by a bra lady (found in all good lingerie stores). I am amazed by how many women wear the wrong size bra which causes all sorts of problems when dressing (unnatural loose gaping or not-so-lovely flab fighting under too tight straps being the biggest issues). Ideally your sexy bra would have padding as part of the package; if not insert some chicken fillets as there is nothing sexier than a hot cleavage.

3. Get a Spray tan done by a professional

There is a reason why I advocate a professional spray tan as opposed to a home self-tanning job. For starters the tan done at home is rarely as even. Secondly unless you are ultra flexible and have super long arms you are usually unable to reach the number one must-do area – the back. So save yourself the headache and indulge in a spray tan that looks as though you have been holidaying in Ibiza rather than on Mars.

4. Pull out the high heels

Reason one: high heels make any outfit look ultra sophisticated. Reason two: it gives you added height and encourages a good posture. Reason three: it makes your legs muscles look defined in the “yes I do work out all the time” way. Unless your intention is to look humdrum, never wear flats on a night out under any circumstance.

5. Please no reading glasses

You can be intelligent without wearing the props so even if you need spectacles please opt for contacts on your special night out.

6. Get your hair blow dried

What can I say? A good blow dry looks sleek and eliminates any chance of a bad hair day. Enough said.

7. Go nude

Well at least with your makeup. In this instance you can wear a lot so long as you make sure it looks natural. Use mineral make up as a base, lots of mascara and eyeliner and absolutely no coloured eye shadow, unless you know how to do smoky eyes look. Go easy on the lip colour (stick to natural hues) because your aim is to keep the focus on your eyes rather than lips – it can never ever both.

8. Pack a secret make up bag

In this secret bag include cotton tips to clean any smudged eye make up, lip gloss, a light foundation if needed and mints as no one likes to smell bad breath.

9. Wear perfume

Spritz wherever you would like to be kissed (as Coco Chanel so wisely suggested in 1940’s.)
10. Remove all excess body hair

When it comes to feeling confident make sure you have absolutely no excess body hair except where it needs to be. That is, luscious locks and beautifully sculpted eyebrows to frame your face are acceptable; hairy armpits and legs are a big no no.