Bye, Bye Dehydrated Skin

1393900_449960761781826_105125710_nWe all know it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated. After all over three quarters of our body is made up of water so it makes sense that fluids play a pivotal role in keeping it functioning efficiently. But did you know that even if you drink your recommended amount of six to eight glasses of water you can still have dehydrated skin?

The top three causes of dry or dehydrated skin are: 1) age – as you get older your skin’s natural hydrators unfortunately decline, 2) lifestyle – things like excessive intake of alcoholic beverages or a fat-free diet which deprives our body of skin friendly fatty acids also impacts skin hydration and finally 3) environment – your skin is definitely more susceptible to dehydration during winter and hot summer sunshine and air conditioning can also contribute to this condition.

Both tightness and dryness are telltale signs of dehydrated skin but thankfully there’s a lot that can be done to combat this nasty skin condition.  The simplest way is to have micro-dermabrasion treatment. We recommend this first and foremost because a micro-derm removes the dead top layer of the skin which both causes dryness and prevents moisturizers from penetrating through the skin.

After a micro-derm a glycolic peel is recommended to effectively combat dehydration. Glycolic Acid (AHA) Peels, also known as Fruit Acid Peels, are the gentlest of peels. Glycolic Acids work by stimulating new growth of collagen and skin by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface. This allows the dead cells to be removed, leaving behind a smoother and softer layer of skin. The skin’s appearance is also improved by re-hydrating the skin below the surface.

For extremely dry and sun damaged dehydrated skin a more intense treatment is also available. This treatment involves injecting filler into the skin immediately after a micro-derm. The aim is to directly hydrate the skin from underneath and it truly works wonder. Following this a LED light therapy treatment is also ideal as this will help to further stimulate collagen and minimise pores.

Finally it is recommended that you regularly use a product with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) – as this will help to chemically exfoliate the skin and dissolve dead skin cells.  The Medispa by Matty has such products available for purchase from the Obagi range. Prices for the above medical treatments also start from $150.