Splurge or Steal? – When to buy Exxy and when to buy Cheap


I get asked this question all the time – do I really need to spend $40 on a lip gloss? Isn’t there a cheaper moisturizer I can buy from the super market instead of the exxy ones from the beauty salons? In a nutshell, are expensive products better than the cheap ones?

Here, are some facts:
1) Eye shadow
Unfortunately you need to splurge here as the expensive ones have a richer colour, they last longer, don’t smudge as easily and are less drying on the eyelid.

2) Foundation:
You need to spurge here for number of reasons. Firstly it’s a lot easier to get the right colour if you get advice from a makeup expert rather than just randomly choosing a colour from the super market. Secondly some of the more expensive brands sit better on the skin, they have less impurities in them so they are less irritating which means less risk of breakouts or skin rashes. A good foundation can also slow down the aging of the skin and soften your wrinkles when applied.

3) Lip glosses:
These rarely last and need to be reapplied few times a day so why spend big bucks on them? As long as you like the colour and it looks good then feel free to buy it no matter how cheap it is.

4) Mascara:
They are lots of fantastic inexpensive brands out there which provide colour and volume. Depending on the length of your eyelashes, I recommend trying few of the inexpensive ones to find the right brand for you but this is definitely a product you don’t need to splurge on.

5) Make up removers:
So many people over spend on makeup removers. I think this is one area where you can save some dosh. You can use baby oil to remove eye makeup even if you have sensitive eyes. There are also great make up removal wipes you can get from your super market for under $10.

6) Cleanser and Moisturizer:
Once again there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on cleansers and moisturizers, especially when even dermatologists and skincare specialists recommend basic drugstore cleansers and moisturizers to their clients. They are some fantastic hypo allergenic products you can get from your local pharmacy so feel free to shop around without a wallet heavy with cash.

7) Anti-aging skin care such as AHA or Vitamin C, Retinol:
I believe you need to buy the good products so you may have to splurge a little more here. Look for products with active ingredients and also take the opportunity to seek expert advice prior to use.

8) Bronzer:
You need to splurge as there are not too many nice inexpensive ones on the market that give the right shine and colour. Cheap bronzer usually equals orange complexion.

9) Make up brushes:
Always spurge here as the expensive ones will last you longer and you will get your money’s worth out of a quality product if you apply your make up with these brushes regularly.