The Three Day Juice Cleanse


The Lucky You 3 Day Cleanse

Here at The Medispa by Matty our business is all about doing our best to stay looking and feeling as youthful as possible. So it was only a matter of time before we heard about the Lucky You Cleanse. This Australian based, cold pressed juice & cleanse company had us intrigued from the word go. Not only are they the only company in Australia to offer raw, whole, unpasteurized juice crafted from a 300-kilo hydraulic press, the reported results following even the shortest cleanse have been amazing to date..

So why Cleanse?

To most people the benefits of a juice cleanse may seem obvious but to a food lover like me I needed some convincing. Isn’t just eating well enough? Apparently not. Whether we like it or not, toxins are found in everything and over time these toxins accumulate, wreaking havoc on our bodies in the form of low energy, poor skin quality and various illnesses.

This is where the Lucky You Cleanse steps in. In order to eliminate these built up toxins, these super nutrient-rich juice cleanses give us the opportunity to rebalance the body, oxygenate, remove acidic build-up in the colon and rehydrate the system. The juices also alkalize the system, give your digestion system a rest and help create better eating habits. Most clients report clearer skin, physical and mental rejuvenation, restful sleep, increased energy, and many other benefits.

And my favourite selling point? It isn’t about deprivation. It isn’t about being a starving, miserable mess for three days. The goal of a focused cleanse is to help break unhealthy eating patterns and begin nourishing yourself with vibrant and health generating foods. Needless to say we were excited to begin…

My Experience

I must admit…I’m the perfect candidate for this cleanse. After celebrating the festive season until long after Christmas was over I was in fine form to begin. I was in desperate need of a health boost. My bag of goodies arrived the day before my cleanse was scheduled to begin and I unpacked the gorgeous bottles excitedly into my fridge (note to reader: don’t do massive shop before embarking on a cleanse; you will need the shelf space.) There were six juices to be consumed every day and they were all numbered according to order of consumption.

Lucky You Ingredient List

1. Green smoothie: alkaline h2o, spinach, kale, silverbeet, banana & mango
2. Green B: celery, cucumber, silverbeet, kale, spinach, cos lettuce, parsley, coriander, lemon & apple
3. Spicy Lemonade: alkaline h2o, lemon, green apple, stevia, celtic sea salt & cayenne pepper
4. Green A: celery, silverbeet, cucumber, kale, spinach, cos lettuce, coriander, parsley and lemon
5. Red: beetroot, spinach, kale, silverbeet, cos lettuce, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple & lemon
6. Cashew Nut Mylk: alkaline h2o, raw cashews, medjool dates

Now the nitty-gritty details: I absolutely loved the first juice (consumed at 9 just before beginning work) and when the time came to have the second one at 11am I wasn’t even hungry. Shock horror! I am normally starving by that time. The third juice was my least favourite, being a bit too peppery for my liking, but it definitely satisfied my appetite. These were followed by another green juice, a red one and finally the super filling and delicious Cashew nut milk at 6pm which kept my tummy fill until the next morning. I loved that these juices were to be consumed at regular two-hour intervals as it meant never feeling hungry.

To the contrary I actually found this three day cleanse really easy to stick to as the juices were perfectly timed to be consumed just as I started feeling the first feeling of a stomach rumble. All in all I felt fantastic, had more energy than usual and slept more beautifully than I have in years (bye, bye, insomnia.) I also loved that I didn’t have to think about what I was going to have for lunch or dinner– I just threw my drinks into a cooler bag and was set for the day.

Now for the bad bit – I have kids. Having kids means that I have to prepare food for them round the clock which was definitely a test in resisting temptation. It also made me realise just how much food consumption takes place not because a person is hungry but simply because the food is there. But surprise, surprise I actually resisted and this willpower gave me the self-confidence to know that I can continue having regular juice days in the future, especially when I need a pick-me-up. The benefits are so worth it.

All in all I really recommend the Lucky You 3 Day Cleanse to anyone wanting a kick-start down the path of good health. At $225 some may consider this to be a bit exxy but given that all the produce is organic, the juices are packed with nutrients (1.5 kilos of vegies go into the making of one green juice) and it also covers all your food and snacks for three days it is well worth the cost. Consider it an investment in your health.

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