closeup of female hands applying hand cream


She has the face and body of a 20-something year old but even still her hands can’t help but give away her true age. At 56 Madonna shows us that she is as susceptible as the rest of us mere mortals to aging of the hands. Unfortunately when it comes to aging our hands are usually the first part of our body to betray just how old we really are.

While the backs of young hands are unblemished, unwrinkled and plump, older hands tend to look thin and bony, with loose, wrinkled skin and visible veins. This is because there is very little fat on the backs of the hands. So when even the smallest amount of collagen or elastin fibres begins to break down – which is part of the normal aging process and as a result of sun exposure, housework and contact with chemicals – it has a major impact on the look of our hands.

The bad news doesn’t end with these external factors. Depending on the amount of sun exposure you had as a child and young adult, aging also brings out brown spots, known as liver spots. These pigmentation problems unfortunately reveal or increase people’s perception of your age and make your hands look less appealing.

Youthful hands are however thankfully within reach. And why not splurge a bit on keeping them looking good? They are after all the most exposed part of your body, next to your face.

The fact is you can’t keep your hands permanently hidden under clothes or concealed by makeup. Nor can you wear gloves 24/7. The truth is they are out every day for the world to see and as a result they are exposed to abuse on a daily basis from the sun and general wear and tear. Yet despite their prominence we often fail to give this body part as much attention and care as we do to the rest of our skin.

Lucky for you The Medispa by Matty has a myriad of treatments to keep your hands looking as youthful as possible.  For starters just as a chemical peel can work wonders for the face the same treatment can be applied to the backs of your hands to remove dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new healthy cells.

Fat pads also break down with age allowing veins to show more clearly and skin to look more wrinkled. The best treatment to remedy this is the use of derma fillers to help plump up the hands. Photo-rejuvenation is likewise perfect for helping minimise the aforementioned age-spots and pigmentation problems. If you would love to have your hands looking as fabulous as the rest of you please feel free to contact The Medispa by Matty on 9328 3447 to learn more or book in your own individually tailored treatment.