Who’s Got Your Back? How To Get A Glowing Back That You Can Confidently Flaunt

sexy back


Here at The Medispa By Matty we know and care a lot about skin. We make it our priority to offer you services and treatments that ensure your skin stays looking as fresh and youthful as possible, with the most expert and innovative non-surgical procedures available. However for the most part clients tend to place a lot of focus on making sure their face stays looking as fantastic as possible, while allowing other important skin areas like the neck, décolletage and back to play second fiddle.

Our backs are by default often overlooked, simply because it doesn’t stare back at us every day in the mirror. But that doesn’t mean you should understate the important of having beautiful skin there too. There is something entirely satisfying about wearing a deep-cut or backless dress and knowing that right behind you is a polished, clean and glowing back. Needless to say flawless skin in this region will make you not only feel more confident but helps to make more revealing outfits look absolutely stunning.

Two of the most common skin problems clients tend to report in this area are bacne (a not so-lovely-sounding term for a not-so-lovely-sounding issue) and pigmentation.

  1. BACNE

You probably thought you left breakouts behind when you exited your teenage years but still it persists in no-man’s land – on your back. I know, so not fun! This common problem is actually caused by the same bacteria as facial acne but often aggravated by sweat during exercise.




If we had a crystal ball many of us would wish for skin that stayed youthful forever but the fact is time eventually makes his mark and in terms of back beauty its usually comes in the form of age spots and pigmentation. This is primarily caused by sun exposure and they tend to appear as flat dark patches, variable in size, after the age of forty. When skin is exposed to the sun, it triggers an upsurge in creation of cells known as melanocytes that build up melanin in the skin and on the areas of the skin that have had years of regular sun exposure, dark patches emerge when melanin is produced in excessive intensity. These dark patches are also known as brown spots, age spots, dark spots, sun spots and liver spots and when grouped together, they become more obvious. If you have been vigilant about protecting your skin from the sun you may be able to prevent pigmentation but for those who venture out often within sunscreen eventually they will pop up and for aesthetic reasons people usually like to get rid of them.



Thankfully achieving gorgeous skin on your back is not as difficult as it sounds. Here at The Medispa By Matty we have many treatments specifically designed to tackle these skin problems.

First and foremost we highly recommend a chemical back peel as a safe and highly effective way to revitalise the skin and reduce the damage caused by ageing and over exposure to sun, amongst other things. There are several types of chemical peels available, each one prescribed specifically for the client depending on the desired effect and the extent of skin damage.



All peels work by gently rubbing the skin with a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layer. This encourages collagen production and cell renewal, to reveal more youthful-looking skin. Treatment is pain-free, though some peels can lead to light swelling of the affected area or peeling of the skin for a few days after the procedure. Our trained staff are more than happy to give you advice on the right type of peel for you, in addition to devising a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

If you would like to book in a treatment or discuss what can be done to make your skin look as radiant as ever please contact us on 9909 2635 and we are more than happy to get you back on track.



In the meantime there are lots of simple home remedies you can do right now to improve the texture and condition of the skin behind you.


Regularly give your back a good brush or scrub.

You wash your face and body every day and it’s just as important to cleanse your back thoroughly too. This helps get rid of oil, dirt and pollutants which sometimes lead to breakouts. Scrubbing is also vital for your skin as it helps keep your skin soft, smooth and radiant. To unclog your pores in this region use a loofah or textured brush.


Wash your back with an oil-free, medicated cleanser.

You ideally want a cleanser with an active ingredient of 2% salicylic acid. Concentrate on the areas with pimples and cleanse thoroughly before rinsing to get rid of all the oil.


Use AHAs and BHAs.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids are essentially exfoliants, which slough off dead skin that tends to clog pores and cause acne while Beta Hydroxy Acids fight the acne bacteria from the inside out so if you can, try to find a body scrub with AHAs in it and after you done washing with the scrub apply some BHA-medicated lotion or cream.


Moisturize afterwards with an oil-free, medicated lotion.

You regularly moisturise your face and legs so why not your body? Your skin is an organ in your body and just like all the other vital organs it needs water and nutrients to stay looking its best. If your skin tends to be dry on your back make sure to use a lotion after you have showered or bathed.


Wear breathable, clean, loose clothes and a clean bra.

Simple advice but it helps. You really want to ensure that any material touching your back is clean and, if possible, made of primarily natural fibres such as cotton. Try to avoid tight-fitting clothing and make sure your clothes are laundered regularly–preferably after each wearing.


Shower after sweating.

It’s pretty obvious that sweating can lead to skin problems on your back but often overlooked. This may seem like I am stating the obvious but please make sure that after going for a run or indulging in any exercise you take a shower. Any sweat that is not washed off your skin after exercise effectively creates a haven for bacteria which causing acne. This sweat can also clog pores, which further aggravates your skin problems.


Wash your sheets regularly.

It sounds gross but it’s true. Dead skin cells and dust collect quickly on sheets. So make sure to remove your sheets and pillowcases and wash them regularly, preferably twice a week if you have skin problems on your back.

For more information or consultation with one of our skin experts please feel free to call us here at The Medispa By Matty for a chat on 9328 3447.