Ageless Beauty



There is no denying that Michelle Pfeiffer is a natural beauty. At age 57 she is still as stunning as she was when she first garnered the attention of the media back in 1983, as a beautiful 25 year old starring in Scarface with Al Pacino.

Over the years Michelle has aged gracefully and she is a perfect example of how a Hollywood star can maintain their youthful look naturally. Of course it helps to have a great bone structure like Michelle – it definitely helps – however with the abundance of non-surgical treatments available to both celebrities and ordinary folk alike, the possibility exists now for everyone to keep their faces looking as youthful as possible.

The quickest way to great skin? In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to keep skin looking as wrinkle-free as possible while dermal fillers are designed to contour, create volume, fill lines and hydrate the skin.

But there is a fine line between looking natural and looking fake and Michelle Pfeiffer has managed to maintain a natural beauty without resorting to non-necessary treatments. So what’s the sign of a job well done? For starters the goal of a muscle relaxant should be no wrinkles NOT no movement! The goal is to minimise wrinkles and soften negative expressions like frowning and crow’s feet, NOT to completely eliminate your ability to make facial expressions.

As for dermal fillers a face should look natural and fresh and restore youthfulness without dramatically changing your appearance – this is the sign of a job well done. Signs of a bad dermal filler job includes puffiness, lumping, product showing through the skin and a general alien or unusual appearance.

In most cases choosing the right practitioner is what sets good work apart from the bad and thankfully professional experience is one of The Medispa by Matty’s greatest assets. Our staff are well-trained, with numerous years of experience and more importantly injecting is our primary focus here. We have done enough of it to become experts in the field!

We are committed to helping our clients achieve the seemingly ever-lasting youthful look by offering a range of treatments which are specifically designed to rejuvenate your look while minimising any signs of aging. So if you are interested in highlighting all your best features and maintaining a youthful look please call us on 9328 3447 to book in a complimentary consultation.